1300/1800 numbers

1300/1800 number and the virtual phone numbers

1300 /1800 numbers

The 1300 and 1800 are inbound numbers meaning that they strictly limited to be used for incoming calls. The uniqueness of these two numbers lays in its ability to share call cost among the business and its customers. 1300 for example, the call cost is shared between the caller and the business involved. 1300 callers are charged at a local call rate while callers to 1800 numbers are free as well so far as it came from any Australian landline, but the business pays the full call cost hence the name “Toll-Free Numbers.”
Inbound numbers are numerous and constantly updated so if you are lucky you might get a significant number associated with 1300, but such cannot be said to be said of 1800 numbers. So to this fact we at INNONET® highly recommend you get your desired number immediately ‘cos the alternative could be unavailable.

How 1300 works?

  • Callers are meant to pay a normal local charge from any fixed phone in Australia whereas calls from mobile phones are billed at a rate determined by the mobile phone service provider.
  • The account holders who are usually business owners are charged according to 1300 number policy of the 1300 carriers.

How 1800 works?

Also known as the toll-free numbers, in this case:

  • Callers are privileged to free calls from any fixed phone line in any location in Australia. Secondly, callers using mobile phones will pay a rate that is decided by their mobile phone service providers.
  • As per the account holders, they are meant to pay all the call cost. And in this case call cost are expected to be charged at the per-second rate.

What We Offer

We help provide your business with 1300 /1800 number, allow you to build a national presence, and help you create a professional image. INNONET® helps businesses with the best, regarding a well-crafted memorable and professional 1300/1800 and virtual numbers to make your business stand out by giving it a professional outcome

Capabilities of a 1300 Number.

Call Log:- 1300 provides an analytical data on every call history. It gives you a rundown of accumulated calls with analytical specifics.
Controlled Routing – it can send calls to either mobile or landlines.
National Presence:- It allows you to build a national presence quickly and open national market access for your products and services.
Professional Image:- 1300 number help you create a professional image.