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Beginners guide to Cloud PBX system

Cloud PBX is combination of cloud computing and PBX system. In Cloud PBX, the communication system is hosted in cloud and the broadband line is used to route voice and data. Lower costs and anywhere connectivity are important features of Cloud PBX.

A Cloud PBX system is one part cloud computing and one part PBX (Private Branch Exchange). A Cloud PBX is also known as Virtual PBX, VoIP system or Cloud-based PBX. Business telephony need not be an expensive proposition and a Cloud PBX system is a perfect example of this. According to Cloud PBX Australia companies, Cloud PBX uses cloud infrastructure for communication and the voice and data is transferred over Internet lines which help in the reduction of communication-related expenses.

So what is actually Cloud PBX system?

Cloud PBX system is based on VoIP (voice over internet protocol). VoIP is a service that allows you to make calls over an Internet connection. Instead of using traditional phone lines, the cloud PBX system uses the Internet lines to transfer voice and data. In a cloud PBX system, the handset directly connects to a broadband line or through a computer. Since cloud PBX system uses the broadband line to make calls, the user is not required to pay any additional charges to the Internet Service provider. Everything is covered in monthly charges paid to the ISP.

When you make a call using a Cloud PBX system, the analog voice is converted into digital data before it is sent over the Internet connection.

What are the benefits offered by Cloud PBX system?

According to Cloud PBX Australia companies, the Cloud PBX system offers several benefits over traditional phone connections


When you use a hosted PBX system, employees at the office and even remote employees can use the communication system. All they need to do is connect their handset to a broadband line and all calls are routed to your regular office.

Mobile integration

While traditional PBX is only limited to landline only, the Cloud PBX system goes one step further. It allows for mobile integration and you can route calls to mobile as well.

Easy maintenance

In the Cloud PBX system, the communication infrastructure resides in the cloud. The only equipment on the premises is the handsets. So there is no question of maintaining or managing the system on the premises. If any technical problem arises, the service provider makes an arrangement to hire engineers to resolve the problem.

No initial capital investment needed

Since there is no setup or communication equipment on the premises, businesses are not required to invest any capital to use the Cloud PBX system. The cloud PBX system can also be used from computers and all you need is a good headset.


The Cloud PBX service providers offer a variety of attractive features but businesses always have the option to customize the plan to include the features they need and remove features they don’t need. This allows the businesses to keep a check on the prices

Sound quality

Initially, VoIP communication was plagued by from voice quality issues. However, the arrival of faster networks and relative increase in broadband speeds has made the voice quality issue a thing of past.

There is no doubt the virtual PBX system is useful for businesses to stay connected with their employees and customer without burgeoning prices.