About Us



At INNONET, we love using technology to help connect people and strive to resolve business problems.


Powering Innovation:- Thinking freely, execute out of the box and keeping the focus on effectiveness.

Customer Focus:- To find the unrevealed possibilities, feedbacks and suggestions from clients and co-workers.

Teamwork:-  To be collaborative, respectful and value the contribution of people.


Our friendly and professional team has a collective professional experience of 24 years in IT and Telecommunication. Our service professionals have gained valuable experience by working with global telecom leaders, vendors and service providers. We have a keen interest in telephony and greatly enjoy sharing expertise with your business.

Our team has industry vendor certifications and passionate about all things about tech and are your trusted experts when it comes to phone systems and solutions.  Whether its a specific requirement, an integration, CTI, contact centre, recording or analytics. We help you to strike a balance between price, features and technology.


A diverse range of services

 We have a diverse range of services that deal with anything related to communication. From an enormous list of VOIP services to (data connectivity) smart media phone devices, we have all you need to make and maintain connections on the global stage. Our personalised services can help improve collaboration between teams, help reduce the cost of bills, select and plan telecom and network services as well as much more.

Thirst for novelty

Our continuous thirst to learn and deliver something ingenious and novel is what makes our company stand out from the rest. We are consistently involved in research and development and we love passing on our achievements to our worthy clients.

INNONET is partnered with the TPG, Yealink, Jabra & Epygi.

“ Hello team, Great work team. We have done it! Obviously, this massive task couldn't have been done without everyone's hard work, ability to listen to one another and technical skills. I am very grateful for having this amazing team working on the app and now hopefully my marketing efforts will lead to successful results. Thank you very much for all the hour everyone has put in! Kind regards, Nathan “
I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts and work. The final product is amazing. I just wanted to let you know that I've shown the product to my staff and students, and they are all very impressed., and I look forward to the next step of going live, and then after that, working on Project 2.
Affey (Elite Minds Academy)