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Cloud PBX is an all-in-one communication solution for your business. It’s a system that can connect telephone extensions to the public switched telephone network via the internet and offers internal, national & international communication for a business organization. Cloud PBX is well known for connecting business communication channels such as fax, voice-mail, email, voice, video and mobility in the cloud. It’s something that can help your team communicate easily which can in-turn improve your business efficiency. Being cost-effective and time-saving, it can turn out to be quite beneficial for your business organization.

Well, then what are you still waiting for? Contact us and get access to our employee communication tools. We take pride in making business communication simple and effective.
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We at Innonet take pride in offering cloud unified communication solution that connects your local and remote teams in one easily manageable, cloud-hosted, VOIP solution. In addition to that, we partner with you to create a customized telecom strategy that is tailored specifically to meet your business needs.

We at INNONET pride ourselves in offering our clients with the best solutions for serving their communication needs.

With the aim to help your team connect, we are here with the best solutions.So, take a step ahead, contact us and get access to INNONET’s CLOUD PBX services.

Well, if you’re still not convinced to choose INNONET as cloud unified service provider for your business, then just keep on reading!
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Below here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring INNONET for your cloud PBX services.

Unified Communication Features:

  • You can easily maintain a professional presence when making and receiving calls using your business phone number as your caller ID.
  • With INNONET’s CLOUD PBX, you get access to your business voice-mail messages via email.
  • Our designated office extensions for employees allows to make and receive business calls that are totally transparent to your customers.
  • We’ve added smart call management and value-added features such as call routing, simultaneous ring, find-me/follow-me, a virtual telephone number and many other productivity-enhancing features.
  • We take pride in announcing that our cloud PBX solution has 36 powerful features to support your business.

Cost and Time savings:

  • You don’t need to purchase any expensive hardware and that’s what results in immediate cost savings.
  • PBX offers a reduction of maintenance costs and time with a fully managed cloud solution hosted in Australian data centres.
  • With the help of using powerful online tools, PBX offers greater control over your call management system.
  • You can get access to your existing technology investments along with seamless integration while enjoying up-to 50% in savings.


  • Our CLOUD PBX offers industry grade disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Our solution runs on Active-Active configuration across different data centers in Australia ensuring solution availability.


  • You can mix and match the handsets that you’re already having with our fully hosted solution. You can also purchase handsets from us along with Yealink and Jabra IP phones.
  • We aim to offer simplified billing. We take care of all your ICT needs including business internet, data network, DID/1300/1800 numbers and more, all combined in one bill.
  • We take pride in offering improved operational efficiency and that too with a designated point of contact to manage all your business communications.

Virtual receptionist:

  • INNONET’s CLOUD PBX is here to centralize your solutions and your business operation with auto-attendants and easy to use menu options for call routing.


  • You can easily boost your revenues by improving the visibility of customer interaction with your business.
  • Shoot up the bar on call resolution by delivering the best client experiences with flexible call recording, playback and storage options.
  • We are here to help you create transparency across your organization with standardized call handling techniques.
  • Our CLOUD PBX services can help you maintain full control with on-demand call recording. The best part is that you can record, pause or playback voice calls.
  • We can help you built-in call recording and archiving.

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