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INNONET – A Unified communication network provider in Australia

INNONET – leading SIP provider in Australia

Have you ever wondered how can you get more productivity and flexibility from your IP network, while saving up to 40% on telecom costs?

Wondering,  what exactly is the SIP trunking? SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol is a packet-based communication. Most multi-sized businesses have separate networks for voice-calling and critical application or data -service & connection to the public network ( internet). The voice network is generally controlled by a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) which uses PRI to connect to a PSTN. The LAN connects everyone via firewall to the internet or a private data network. The complexity quickly increases while adding each new branch location. INNONET offers to consolidate by converging the services into one IP network. This approach saves time, increase efficiency and offer advanced features must be needed by a business to compete in the digital world. Our  SIP trunk services in Australia enhance productivity & connection to single IP-PBX or connect multiple IP PBX.

Being one of the reputed and reliable IT solutions, communication products providers and business VOIP service providers in Australia, we are here to offer our clients the best possible services. We also offer a hosted phone system and cloud hosted PBX services in Australia.

Why use INNONET for SIP trunking

  • Offers easy and cost-effective SIP trunking options compared to other SIP providers in Australia. Our SIP trunking channels start from $45 per SIP channel.
  • Order single or multiple channels & flexibility
  • Our Australian geo-redundant architecture & built-in billing system saves time.

Leading VoIP provider Australia

VoIP or “voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology which allows the human voice to be carried & delivered over the IP network.  INNONET strives to offers the best consulting, VoIP product and VoIP services in Australia.
  • As copper infrastructure is largely being disconnected in Australia. You really need to think about your options thoroughly. Firstly, you can check whether existing PBX allows SIP trunk connection or not. If existing IP-PBX accepts SIP trunk then just connect SIP trunk with existing IP -PBX. If existing PBX does not allow SIP trunks. INNONET can migrate you to on-premise IP-PBX or Cloud PBX.  Although if you still like to use an old analogue phone, it will need an ATA device VoIP requires a device called ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) to converts an analogue signal into a VOIP signal and vice-versa, similarly, there are different VOIP gateways are available in the market to convert the signals. We can consult and advice on best option fit to your situation.  INNONET offers a variety of VoIP supported phones like Yealink SIP-T42S, Yealink SIP-T58V etc.  If you are looking for VoIP Phone system Sydney or business Phone system anywhere in Australia, then give us a call at 02 9030 0495 for support and help. Our team at INNONET will love to help.
  • INNONET’s VoIP service Australia has many different options and variants of VOIP with products like VoIP ISDN Gateway. SIP trunks, VoIP FXO Gateway, IP-PBX, IP Phones and ATA. We cover the full range of VoIP products and VOIP services. Our latest solution allows you to easily collaborate through voice, video,  conference. Employees can collaborate using remotely or from one place, and from a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • INNONET also allows the usage of virtual numbers such as 1300 and 1800. These are inbound numbers i.e., allow only incoming calls.
    • 1800 –Callers are privileged to free calls from any fixed phone line in any location in Australia. Call cost is charged at per-second rate.
    • 1300 – The call cost is shared between the caller and the business involved and charged at a local call rate.

 INNONET offers the service of VoIP numbers in Australia.

QX IP-PBX and Gateways supporting TDM and VOIP technologies.

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