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INNONET – A Unified communication network provider in Australia

INNONET – leading SIP provider in Australia

Have you ever wondered that how can you get more productivity and flexibility from your IP network, while saving upto 40% on telecom costs?
Well, that exactly is the power of SIP trunking. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a packet-based communication. Most multi-sized businesses have a network for voice-calling and another network for data-service & connection to the internet. The voice network is controlled by a PBX which uses PRI to connect to a PSTN. The LAN connects everyone via firewall to the internet or a private data network. The complexity increases with each new branch location. INNONET offers SIP trunk services in Australia which enhances productivity with a single IP-PBX for all network maintenance, management and configuration being accomplished with fewer resources from a centralized command centre.

Why use INNONET for SIP trunking

  • Offers lowest cost of operation in comparison to contemporary SIP providers Australia.
  • Can combine multiple conversations over existing data networks.
  • Offers advanced features like remote numbers. For example, You can have phone numbers from Sydney ring onlines in Melbourne. Thus, making one’s long distance calls operate like local calls at inexpensive rates.
  • Offers advanced features like Call ID, Callwaiting, Call waiting, voicemail, e-mail, e-fax etc. that can be managed via simple web interface. So, choose INNONET-leading SIP providers Australia for faster and better communication.

BEST VoIP provider Australia

VoIP or “voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology which allows voice traffic to be carried over the Internet. INNONET offers best business VoIP service Australia.
  • To connect two phones to carry out a conversation VoIP requires a device at end of the conversation called the VoIP modem which converts analogue signal into digital signal and vice-versa. This modem device can be inbuilt or connected externally. INNONET manufactures a variety of VoIP supported phones like Yealink SIP-T42S, Yealink SIP-T58V etc. Thus, the problem of using external modems is solved. If you are looking for VoIP Phone system Sydney or business Phone system Australia, then choose INNONET.
  • INNONET allows your voice to become an application which can be virtualized. It has its own bandwidth to help accommodate business continuity even in absence of actual franchise in a city. Through INNONET’s VoIP service Australia, workers can easily collaborate through voice, video chat, Web conference, and instant messaging. Employees can collaborate using each technology individually or all of them simultaneously, and from a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • INNONET allows the usage of virtual numbers such as 1300 and 1800. These are inbound numbers i.e., allow only incoming calls.
    • 1800 –Callers are privileged to free calls from any fixed phone line in any location in Australia. Call cost is charged at per-second rate.
    • 1300 – The call cost is shared between the caller and the business involved and charged at a local call rate.
      Thus, INNONET offers the service of VoIP number Australia.

QX IP-PBX and Gateways supporting TDM and VOIP technologies.

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