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On-Prem IP-PBX


INNONET provides Epygi QX20-1000 range of VOIP based phone system for businesses of all sizes. Designed with comfort, ease of use and professional aesthetics in mind, our IP PBX solutions are feature rich, progressive and are sure to help businesses with their day to day functions. Our premise-based products are feature rich, modular and customisable. This means that it doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, we will have something that is the perfect match for you.


Cloud PBX is recommended for small and medium businesses looking to eliminate the cost of installation, operation and maintenance of ON-PREMISE PBX. This also means that you can keep your team united in the cloud while continuing to grow at your own pace & pay for usage, rather than a huge upfront capital cost.  All you need is  IP Phone (hardware or softphone) and solid internet connection to connect to our cloud PBX service. Our Cloud PBX service offers basic features to keep things simple and productive with a lot of saving for business.


 SIP trunk is a voice over IP trunk service. For those who already have an IP-PBX installed, SIP Trunk can easily be connected to the existing IP-PBX system to increase the channel capacity. For those who may wish to terminate their IP-PBX traffic, we also offer a phone number range via SIP trunks.

Benefits of On-Premises Phone System

  • Protect current investment in the traditional technology (analogue and digital handsets, fax etc.) as generally On-Premises IP PBX supports TDM via gateways.

  • No risk of fee increases or highest level of control on your ongoing telecom expenses.

  • On-Premises IP-PBX offers advanced features than cloud offerings.

  • On-Premises IP-PBX delivers better redundancy due to falling back option on Local PSTN Trunks or lines).

  • As a customer, you have complete control and flexibility .e.g. You can switch trunk providers, choose least cost routing etc.

  • You can add surveillance and other aiding technology with an on-premises telephone system.

QX IP-PBX and Gateways supporting TDM and VOIP technologies.